it’s got me thinking of the melody.

Music is one of the greatest gifts of life, and has the power to not only transform us, but to connect us to something divine and otherworldly.

It is there to heal us in moments of sadness, and to elevate us when times are joyous. It can give us the chills, make us cry, or even render us speechless. Capable of provoking positive reactions, music also has the ability to help us reflect and foster a strong sense of identity and self-awareness.

In all honesty, I would be but a mere lost soul without music. It is part of my every day, and integral to my survival.

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in the aftermath.

We all have that one day which stands out above the rest; that one day where everything changed.

The journey of life is a winding and twisting road, a road with no beginning and no end, with curves ahead that keep the next turn hidden. What matters most are the little gems that we uncover along the way.

When that significant day arrives, we usually are unaware, in that moment, of its innate importance; only does the implication of that sole juncture in that one day become revealed in the aftermath.

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tripped up on debris.

She stood on the pavement, staring at her reflection in the glass. The same glass that had once revealed a painful and haunting truth.

Had only she heeded the horoscope warning, she never would have been tripped up on debris.

Looking down, the penny caught her eye, marking the spot.


blank space.

There are those sweet moments where music touches our soul so completely and deeply, that we feel like we are being elevated from the inside out.

This is exactly what happened to me when I watched Amy Vachal’s cover of Blank Space on this week’s episode of The Voice.

Aside from how captivating and mesmerizing Vachal is, her rendition of this song, combined with her magical performance, struck a chord with me.

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the stories in her mind.

The sky was desolate with low-hanging grey clouds. Not the dark ominous clouds that prophetically announce an impending storm, but a light grey, less sinister version.

Still, it was desolate.

The air was filled with an eery silence; the only disturbance was the quiet rustling of the few straggling leaves that clung desperately from the barren branches.

The neighbourhood, once bustling with the laughter of children playing outside, was still and quiet.

She sat alone on the balcony, gazing out over the infertile landscape, when her eye caught the words on an empty case of beer – Imported from Italy. She wondered how different her life would be, how different she would feel, had she actually been an Italian import.

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12 ways to recharge and revitalize your soul.

Are the stresses and nuances of daily life forging an imbalance in your well-being? Does your creativity feel stifled? Energy zapped?

Life can be as fast-paced and intense as driving at top speed on the Autobahn. No wonder it’s so important to take that pit stop every so often so that you can step back, unwind, and refuel!

When you are lacking motivation and are devoid of energy, it can be hard to concentrate your efforts, let alone focus in on some of the tasks that you enjoy the most, such as writing and blogging.

No matter how dedicated we are to our passions, forgetting to nourish our mind, body, and soul can lead to depleted enthusiasm when it comes to doing the things that we love.

Whenever you find yourself procrastinating, or feeling uninspired, it’s time to recharge and kickstart your motivation back into high gear. Check out these awesome tips that will be sure to inject some much needed vitality into your spirit.

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channeling Miss Hepburn.

I feel myself at the edge of another pivotal moment of growth, much like a burning out ember that has been reinvigorated by a strong wind.

I thrive in these winds of change. I yearn for them.

Life is but an ebb and flow of experiences and journeys; when the tide is low, we are able to cocoon and absorb the lessons that have been bestowed upon us thus far, in spiritual preparation for the return of the high tide, where we are given the opportunity to rise yet again.

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where words come to life.

Mind running free
she writes,
fingers flying across keyboard
pen dancing upon paper

The space,
sunlight illuminated
with melodic vibrations
to inspire her soul

Like a forest
where powerful roots
forge strength,
in nature she finds
refuge and solace

She needs only
to feel free
to unchain her thoughts
and immortalize them,
where words come to life.

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