silence is joy

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Sometimes, I think it’s something much more simple than that; silence empowers.

Oh, how I have needed the silence. Craved it, like a kid craves an ice cream cone on a sweltering summer day. The same way I crave the far corners of the northern lakes that I grew up calling home.

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channeling Miss Hepburn.

I feel myself at the edge of another pivotal moment of growth, much like a burning out ember that has been reinvigorated by a strong wind.

I thrive in these winds of change. I yearn for them.

Life is but an ebb and flow of experiences and journeys; when the tide is low, we are able to cocoon and absorb the lessons that have been bestowed upon us thus far, in spiritual preparation for the return of the high tide, where we are given the opportunity to rise yet again.

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truth-telling: a revolutionary act.

Truth is vital to human existence; it’s like oxygen in a world that is too often polluted by deception.

The funny thing about truth is, regardless of how much a necessity it is, we can never be certain of it being something that we will acquire. While it may be the one thing that we need most, it is also elusive. Part of the game? Or just another truth that we must come to accept?

I think most people would agree that it is better to have the ugly truth than a pretty lie. I know I would much rather be presented with a harsh reality, than to be spoon fed a sugar-coated story. However, being of this viewpoint does not secure you of being provided with the truth.

But a truth serum would.

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