truth-telling: a revolutionary act.

Truth is vital to human existence; it’s like oxygen in a world that is too often polluted by deception.

The funny thing about truth is, regardless of how much a necessity it is, we can never be certain of it being something that we will acquire. While it may be the one thing that we need most, it is also elusive. Part of the game? Or just another truth that we must come to accept?

I think most people would agree that it is better to have the ugly truth than a pretty lie. I know I would much rather be presented with a harsh reality, than to be spoon fed a sugar-coated story. However, being of this viewpoint does not secure you of being provided with the truth.

But a truth serum would.

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7 reasons why curiosity is integral.

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but when it comes to humans, I believe that curiosity is one of the things (along with integrity) that truly makes us thrive. My insatiable appetite for curiosity is innate; always intrigued by the world around me, my curious nature is what drives me. It certainly doesn’t hurt when you also have a thirst for knowledge!

Curiosity [kyoo r-ee-os-i-tee] is defined as “the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.” Why then, is it so integral? Imagine a life without being curious. It would be quite boring, even stagnant, would it not? It is through a curious mind that we are able to reach the farthest corners of our imagination and bring it to life. It is through curiosity that we learn: about anything and everything possible, about each other, about ourselves.

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