the tide.

it’s the give and take
the ebb and flow of you

like a magnet to my soul
the pull is too strong

deniability is not my strong suit

I would rather wear your tie
than lie naked, alone.


She is an enigma
A mover and a shaker,
A dirty rock n’ roller

A profound deity
Elegant, yet unrefined

She glides –
Through tall blades of grass,
Beneath the forest trees
Through your mind,
And into your heart.

She is effervescent,
Fiery, yet calm

She is the shadow,
Walking beside you

She is the voice
In your head

She is an enigma
You glimpsed her once,
Before she was gone.

Photo credit: Jairo Alzate /



in the hallowed darkness,
swathed in mysticism

she surrendered.

surrendered wholly,

shedding every layer of fear,
every misconception,
every misconstrued thought.

and she awoke

it was magic

her magic.

it had not ever fled;
no, it had finally awakened.

she was more than alive –

she was unfettered