music: my immortal sidekick.

Music is my everything. It’s there for me when I need to celebrate, dance it out, cry it away – no matter what emotion I am feeling (or craving to feel), music is my immortal sidekick.

I’ve recently discovered #MusicMondays – what a great little way to share music we love and new music we have discovered (and find new music, or reconnect with old favourites, while we’re at it!). This is definitely a bandwagon I’m jumping on!

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it’s got me thinking of the melody.

Music is one of the greatest gifts of life, and has the power to not only transform us, but to connect us to something divine and otherworldly.

It is there to heal us in moments of sadness, and to elevate us when times are joyous. It can give us the chills, make us cry, or even render us speechless. Capable of provoking positive reactions, music also has the ability to help us reflect and foster a strong sense of identity and self-awareness.

In all honesty, I would be but a mere lost soul without music. It is part of my every day, and integral to my survival.

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blank space.

There are those sweet moments where music touches our soul so completely and deeply, that we feel like we are being elevated from the inside out.

This is exactly what happened to me when I watched Amy Vachal’s cover of Blank Space on this week’s episode of The Voice.

Aside from how captivating and mesmerizing Vachal is, her rendition of this song, combined with her magical performance, struck a chord with me.

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