in the aftermath.

We all have that one day which stands out above the rest; that one day where everything changed.

The journey of life is a winding and twisting road, a road with no beginning and no end, with curves ahead that keep the next turn hidden. What matters most are the little gems that we uncover along the way.

When that significant day arrives, we usually are unaware, in that moment, of its innate importance; only does the implication of that sole juncture in that one day become revealed in the aftermath.

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blank space.

There are those sweet moments where music touches our soul so completely and deeply, that we feel like we are being elevated from the inside out.

This is exactly what happened to me when I watched Amy Vachal’s cover of Blank Space on this week’s episode of The Voice.

Aside from how captivating and mesmerizing Vachal is, her rendition of this song, combined with her magical performance, struck a chord with me.

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