when all else fails, be a cat.

Ever watch your furry fluffball with wonder, shake your head, and smile at how kitties live their lives?

Cats are mysterious, independent, ninja-like creatures that seem to effortlessly bound through life with a vigor that equals their ability to lazily sleep through an entire day.

But have you taken the time to truly analyze their charm, delve into their enigmatic nature, and find inspiration on how to live the best life possible?

Cats are pretty amazing, even magical. When the going gets tough, try adopting some of these felinesque traits to boost your spirits.

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laughter: therapy for the body, mind, and soul.

“Laugh every day; it awakens your spirit from within.”

The wise words of a very wise woman, and they really got me thinking: Why is laughter so vital, and how does it have the ability to awaken us and make us feel truly alive?

There are a multitude of reasons why laughter is important; it can help to strengthen our immune system, decrease blood pressure, minimize stress, improve sleep patterns, and boost our mood. With the physiological responses associated with laughter being so good for us, why do we find ourselves too often forgetting to let a good hearty laugh out?

Perhaps we allow the seriousness of life to tighten its grip on us. If you are in need of turning that frown upside down, check out a few things that you can do to restore a light-hearted nature to your spirit.

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