something worth fighting for.

It is easy to blame our fears upon the negative afflictions of our past. To allow a certain moment in time to hold us back, frozen in its very clutches. We try to move forward, but we are simply inhibited, controlled by the terror of what it means to actually break free.

When the demons haunt us, it is because we are not yet ready to face the lesson. Maybe we understand part of the lesson, but we have not yet come to fully embrace it. We have not yet done the healing required to turn the lesson into wisdom. And so, we barricade ourselves behind great walls of self defense, building a little fortress in which to keep us safe, and protected.

It is a maneuver that buys us time. Time to heal. Time to understand. Time to grow. But if we are not careful, if we choose to dwell on the pain, we become in jeopardy of finding ourselves locked behind those walls forever.

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like every other freckle.

Sometimes you just want the familiar. But, what is the familiar? A memory from childhood past? A laughter frozen in time? A moment where all things ethereal were the only things that existed?

Beyond all this, surpassing even the best of memories, the familiar lies in those moments where you felt most alive, those moments where you truly felt like you were you.

When the rug is pulled out, when you lie torn and alone, those are the moments to be cherished. For those are the purist moments of growth that you will probably ever get to experience.

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10 things I’ve learned about life.

Life is an amazing journey, full of trials and tribulations, and lessons that become wisdom (providing, of course, that we are open to and accepting of the lessons). Wisdom, like all good things, needs to be shared, just as stories are around a campfire.

The following is my list of 10 little things I’ve learned about life, comprised of tidbits that I’ve picked up along the way and kept in my pocket for the times I needed to remember them most. These lessons have helped shape me into who I am today, and while I am grateful for them, I am just as excited and ready for the many more that are sure to come.

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the cultured soul.

What exactly, makes a person cultured?

Is it their high level of intelligence? Or is it something much more simple, yet profound?

While a cultured person may very well often be intelligent, intelligence alone does not make one cultured. Culture embodies much more than just knowing something; it is founded upon knowledge acquired by such things as being an eclectic reader, or someone who is not only intrigued and influenced by the arts, but who is open minded and non-judgmental.

Moreover, a cultured person is someone who is humble, sincere, respectful, compassionate, and mindful of the universe around them.

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