dream manifestation & intention setting

I’ve been hurtling through life lately, feeling a bit like I’ve been running blind, like I’ve been existing in a whirlwind of time and passing days.

Moreover, I’ve felt a strong calling, a pull even closer towards the Universe; a pull even closer towards my Self.

And so, I’ve been filling my heart, mind, and soul with strong desires.

Everything in life comes full circle, and I strongly believe that things happen for a reason. Even more powerful, I believe that we are the creator of our own experience. If we aren’t happy, if we feel less than satisfied, we have the power to change that!

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silence is joy

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Sometimes, I think it’s something much more simple than that; silence empowers.

Oh, how I have needed the silence. Craved it, like a kid craves an ice cream cone on a sweltering summer day. The same way I crave the far corners of the northern lakes that I grew up calling home.

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something worth fighting for.

It is easy to blame our fears upon the negative afflictions of our past. To allow a certain moment in time to hold us back, frozen in its very clutches. We try to move forward, but we are simply inhibited, controlled by the terror of what it means to actually break free.

When the demons haunt us, it is because we are not yet ready to face the lesson. Maybe we understand part of the lesson, but we have not yet come to fully embrace it. We have not yet done the healing required to turn the lesson into wisdom. And so, we barricade ourselves behind great walls of self defense, building a little fortress in which to keep us safe, and protected.

It is a maneuver that buys us time. Time to heal. Time to understand. Time to grow. But if we are not careful, if we choose to dwell on the pain, we become in jeopardy of finding ourselves locked behind those walls forever.

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like every other freckle.

Sometimes you just want the familiar. But, what is the familiar? A memory from childhood past? A laughter frozen in time? A moment where all things ethereal were the only things that existed?

Beyond all this, surpassing even the best of memories, the familiar lies in those moments where you felt most alive, those moments where you truly felt like you were you.

When the rug is pulled out, when you lie torn and alone, those are the moments to be cherished. For those are the purist moments of growth that you will probably ever get to experience.

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when all else fails, be a cat.

Ever watch your furry fluffball with wonder, shake your head, and smile at how kitties live their lives?

Cats are mysterious, independent, ninja-like creatures that seem to effortlessly bound through life with a vigor that equals their ability to lazily sleep through an entire day.

But have you taken the time to truly analyze their charm, delve into their enigmatic nature, and find inspiration on how to live the best life possible?

Cats are pretty amazing, even magical. When the going gets tough, try adopting some of these felinesque traits to boost your spirits.

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revelations: a fresh start.

This is what she wants most in the world…to continue bouncing from one day to the next, feeling like she is floating in a constant and never-breaking state of oblivion. The feeling of being lost – oh, how she thrives relentlessly upon this feeling.

Tumbling down hills, crawling through trenches, being kicked when you are already down; being covered in mud does something ethereal indeed. Soul-cleansing. Anger-releasing. Positive-thought reinforcing.

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laughter: therapy for the body, mind, and soul.

“Laugh every day; it awakens your spirit from within.”

The wise words of a very wise woman, and they really got me thinking: Why is laughter so vital, and how does it have the ability to awaken us and make us feel truly alive?

There are a multitude of reasons why laughter is important; it can help to strengthen our immune system, decrease blood pressure, minimize stress, improve sleep patterns, and boost our mood. With the physiological responses associated with laughter being so good for us, why do we find ourselves too often forgetting to let a good hearty laugh out?

Perhaps we allow the seriousness of life to tighten its grip on us. If you are in need of turning that frown upside down, check out a few things that you can do to restore a light-hearted nature to your spirit.

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in the aftermath.

We all have that one day which stands out above the rest; that one day where everything changed.

The journey of life is a winding and twisting road, a road with no beginning and no end, with curves ahead that keep the next turn hidden. What matters most are the little gems that we uncover along the way.

When that significant day arrives, we usually are unaware, in that moment, of its innate importance; only does the implication of that sole juncture in that one day become revealed in the aftermath.

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12 ways to recharge and revitalize your soul.

Are the stresses and nuances of daily life forging an imbalance in your well-being? Does your creativity feel stifled? Energy zapped?

Life can be as fast-paced and intense as driving at top speed on the Autobahn. No wonder it’s so important to take that pit stop every so often so that you can step back, unwind, and refuel!

When you are lacking motivation and are devoid of energy, it can be hard to concentrate your efforts, let alone focus in on some of the tasks that you enjoy the most, such as writing and blogging.

No matter how dedicated we are to our passions, forgetting to nourish our mind, body, and soul can lead to depleted enthusiasm when it comes to doing the things that we love.

Whenever you find yourself procrastinating, or feeling uninspired, it’s time to recharge and kickstart your motivation back into high gear. Check out these awesome tips that will be sure to inject some much needed vitality into your spirit.

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