like every other freckle.

Sometimes you just want the familiar. But, what is the familiar? A memory from childhood past? A laughter frozen in time? A moment where all things ethereal were the only things that existed?

Beyond all this, surpassing even the best of memories, the familiar lies in those moments where you felt most alive, those moments where you truly felt like you were you.

When the rug is pulled out, when you lie torn and alone, those are the moments to be cherished. For those are the purist moments of growth that you will probably ever get to experience.

Not to undermine the best of times, or make the worst of times seem like the most horrid you have ever experienced, but I find that life is but a plethora of moments, experiences, incidents that build the storyboard of our life.

When you rise, with the sun upon your face, with the storm clouds having passed – this is the time to feel alive, to feel truly grateful for all that you have experienced.

It does not need to make sense. There does not need to be a logical explanation for it all. All that needs to be understood, and all that can be understood, is that it happened, and that it happened for a reason.

So, when you feel like laughing at it all, then laugh, laugh the deepest of laughs that emanate from the deepest of bellows. And when you feel like crying, cry the deepest of cries, the cries that feel like you are about to fall apart. These moments of pure and honest emotion are what make us exactly what we are ~ human.

All life is a concatenation of ephemeralities. A sequence of events that serve to bestow upon us the greatest of wisdom.

Like every other freckle, we are but a speck of what we have known, what we have lost, what we hope to become, what we strive to be.

Some say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Perhaps the more we stay the same, the less we change.

Change is evolution. And evolution is the natural part of existence.

How you react, is your choice.

What are your thoughts?

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