get your [Star Wars fanart] geek on!

I love Friday. The one day where the efforts of an entire week culminate into a celebration: two days off, YES!

Ahhhhh, it is a fantastic day indeed. Even better now that when I leave work at 17:30 EST, as of the past couple days, it’s no longer dark out! The end is near, and the long summer eves are slowly coming back into sight. Sure, by the time I get home, dusk has started to settle in. But this no longer seems to matter; the short days of winter are going, going, almost gone!

As we get ready to bid adieu to the infinite darkness (aka season of hibernation), I can’t help but feel the need to embrace my Dark Side. That, and I’m in a geeky little mood; I should be more vigilant in taking care of some matters of necessity, but I feel too seduced by art and creativity to spend my Friday night working (somewhat akin to how a Jedi may sometimes feel seduced by the dark side. Except my seductions are of an inspirational spirit, as opposed to an evil one).

I have the entire weekend to read the things I need to read, and prepare reports on the things that I need to report upon. For now, I’m in my cozy den, unwinding to music, a glass of beer at hand, perusing Star Wars fanart – a marvelous Friday indeed, and I’m feeling quite inspired to pull out my sketchbook!

Whether you love art or Star Wars (hopefully both!), or –gasp!– if you love neither,  surely you can relate to the feeling of losing yourself in something that you love, allowing your mind to free itself from the confines of the week.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s got me reeling off into escapism çe soir.


The amazing illustrations of Konrad Kirpluk / via




Cutesy artwork by Griz and Norm / via




Digital painting by sugarpoultry / via




Captain Phasma illustration by Benny Kusnoto / via




CHEWIE by Eric Fan / via

What are your thoughts?

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