talk nerdy to me!

No matter how grown up we think we are, or how serious we are in our daily goings about, we all have that inner child in us just begging to be allowed out to play. We spend so much time carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, that we forget to allow ourselves to let loose and indulge in the silly little pleasures in life. Moreover, we forget to surround ourselves with silly little things that have the power to make us bust out in giggles like we did when we were five years old.

I don’t know how about you, but I don’t ever want to grow up. Life is tough as it is at times, performing balancing acts, weathering the storms, being everything to everyone, and trying to find time for yourself.

Surroundings are everything. The spaces that we create around us have the power to change our mood, and to create a Zen-like vibe that helps keep our energy flow in check. The same way that clutter can wreak havoc upon our energies, the same way feel-good things can kick-start them back to life again.

We all (hopefully!) know of the benefits to using Feng Shui or Vastu in the home. But what about the benefits of play for adults? Play can enrich our lives and fill it with magic, as well as invigorate creativity, which can ultimately help us to tackle real-life challenges with a greater ease and sense of fulfillment.

If that’s the case, why not live with an avant-garde spirit and embrace your inner child? Or even your *cough*, shall we say, more nerdy side! Try surrounding yourself with some playful fixtures – you’ll probably find that they will not only brighten your mood, but add a lively and spirited energy to your day.

Here’s a collection of silly, nerdy little things that be still my heart!

I'm trippin' over this! Absolutely awesome.


For everything, there is a first time.

I'm in a wow!

Eat your little brains out.

Mounted Zombie Head!

Geeky art print.

Awesome miniature Lego figurine display!

Turtle Power!

The one and only Lion-O.

Featured Image credit: Super groovy pin-up nerd art print by fringepop on Etsy.

One comment

  1. JoHanna Massey · November 5, 2015

    Love the mounted head!


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